For you, I'll be strong.
AU where Naruto dies in the war.

"It’s our nindo, right?" 

That just broke my heart in half…


Those violent delights have violent ends. For never was a story of more woe, than this great house of sorrow.


My friend saw on the train today and sent me this. How does he manage to always look lovely?


I forgive you. ♥



AU in which the Doctor is a very sick little boy lying in a hospital bed in a coma and his universe is just a dream. Each of his companions represent the kids in the beds next to him and when they die or leave the ward, they die or leave in his head. Regenerations represent times he nearly woke up or nearly died and the TARDIS represents his life support machine.

Go sit in the corner and think about what you’ve done.




Oh but remember that ONE TIME



‘Twas the night before christmas,

when all through the Hale house,

not a creature was stirring,

because the house had burnt down in a devastating arson attack years previous killing numerous members of the Hale family

Derek spends christmas alone now

happy holidays, kids!



and oh god how scared must he be that his dad might die and he can’t tell him that he loves him or how much he means to him or that he’s so sorry for all those things he sees his dad blaming him for and look at his face look at his face he is fucking scared shitless he is afraid he won’t have enough strength and he may never speak to his father again and it’s like you can see his world ending