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“Never… has an enemy slipped my watch until this day… I wish to know how that happened.”

This is another part of Thor that I just have to talk about because of the way these lines were executed by the actors and director. Heimdall says his line there, and in the middle of when he says “…until this day…” and “I wish to know…”, he glances, momentarily, over at Loki. He knows. He knows that Loki had something to do with what happened during the Coronation, but he knows that he can’t prove it because, obviously, Loki’s magic prevented him from being able to see what happened. But you just know that he suspects him, and he was able to figure this out when no one else in Asgard even thought of it.

And then, when the shot cuts to Loki and Thor, just look at Loki’s face there. He’s looking at Heimdall like “You fuckin’ hoe…” Loki knows that Heimdall knows, and so he just gives him that look of “I’m going to murder you in your sleep”. These two shots are just so frickin’ great. And I love how there is a scene later in the film between the two of them, where Heimdall completely calls Loki out on what happened, and I just love this epic foreshadowing here.

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